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    How can you disable Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from auto-installing?

    I have Adobe Acrobat Standard X installed on my office machine, and Adobe Acrobat Standard XI installed on my home machine. Periodically (once a week), Adobe Acrobat Reader DC automatically installs on my machines, and sets itself as the default for reading such files. The problem is that although I have paid for both copies of the standard creation program, if I try to, say convert a Word document to Acrobat format, it defaults to DC and takes me online to ask me to pay a monthly subscription so I can print to Acrobat. I understand that the monthly subscription model is how software companies are trying to make money now, but having paid for copies of the older programs, and not wanting to avail myself of the upgrades which DC may offer which I will not use, and do not want or need, I am tired of being harassed to enter into a monthly subscription.

    I have set Standard as the default program for viewing Acrobat files, so even if installed, DC will not run. For a while. But once DC again gets installed, the default is reset to DC. I have uninstalled DC numerous times, but wonder if there is a way to disable DC from automatically installing on my machines, without preventing Standard X and Standard XI from receiving any updates which may be offered.



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    This is for Win 7 - go to All Control Panel Items - right click on Flash Player - click on Open and under the Updates tab you can set your preferences.

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