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    Refresh font list in MS Publisher

    Is there any way to make Publisher refresh its font list. I'm getting a message about embedded fonts in a document that says "fonts neither on the operating system nor embedded." They show up in Publisher's font list, but I've checked the fonts directory and they aren't there.

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    Control Panel, Fonts list is where Fonts are either individually installed by a user or when programs are installed and put their own Fonts there. Those Fonts are available for any Windows-based program to use. Sometimes a program will show a Font that is not installed, either came with a document or is referenced in a document. About the only thing I've been able to do is locate a particular Font, download or copy it to the Downloads Folder [or any other] then do the Install pointing to that Folder. Usually get a prompt to also copy it to the Fonts Folder. I've seen it possible for a few programs to use a Font that is in a different Folder but not actually installed, just pointed to in the other Folder. However that choice won't be available after either the program is closed or the computer restarted.

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