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    I installed RealPlayer and when I tried to download a form from the IRS website, instead of Acrobat Reader the form was downloaded using RealPlayer. I got mad and uninstalled part of RealPlayer and am stuck with parts of it. How do I get rid of ALL of the files?

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    Re: RealPlayer

    Try the following:
    On the start menu, if you still have the shortcut, there should be another shortcut on the same menu that uninstalls RealPlayer. You may have to delete the folders manually.

    If you don't have the shortcut, click the taskbar, press F3 to bring up Find, & search for rnuninst.exe Then you can run this.

    If you can't find it, go to the control panel/Add/Remove programs & find Real Player & remove it this way.

    Short of an uninstaller program, that's the best way. You could try looking for entries in the registry, but you have to be careful & you could miss some.

    Hope this helps.

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