I apologize in advance if I'm replying to the wrong thread. I am trying to create letters for each individual client account listing multiple records for each client. I've read your tutorial on Word Mail merging and have tried my own mail merge. It's partly working but I'm encountering yet another issue that I just can't solve so I'm really hoping you might have some tips!

I'm using Account Number as the key and in the output file, account numbers are being skipped but the records from those skipped accounts are all added to the last account that wasn't skipped (if that makes sense?). If I do the merge using the client name as the key, it appears the output is correct (it's tens of thousands of lines, so I couldn't check them all). But as each client can also have more than one account, I really need to differentiate by account.
The account numbers are a mix of numbers and letters and I think that might be the issue? My data source file is Excel (or Access) and I've tried to change the format of the Account data to text but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Help! :-p
And Thanks!!!!