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    Word 2000 & VBE6.dll (MS Ofc 2000/SR1a)

    <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> Added changes from MS Office updates (SR-1, CD-2, etc) and find I receive the following message each time Word is opened:" Winword has caused an error in VBE6.dll and will now close." Entire application then closes. No problem with excel or access. Searched MS Knowledge base and implemented probably solutions to no avail (renaming dot, unregistering VBE6, changing to .old, etc.). Also searched Symantec since I am running SystemWorks. Running Windows ME, 600MhZ, 768 RAM, Dell XPST600R. Clean hard drive since recently reformatted.. Have tried reinstalling, deleting, etc.
    Would appreciate any suggestions towards solution. Happy Holidays, all...

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    Re: Word 2000 & VBE6.dll (MS Ofc 2000/SR1a)

    As Excel and Access are running correctly, it would appear that VBE6.dll is not corrupt. You may have already tried this, but, if not, enter <pre>"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeWinword.exe" /a</pre>

    in the Run command box (by the Start button). If Word then loads, it may be the case that you have an add-in or secondary template that disagrees with your updates. If so, then take them all out and add them back in one by one until you've isolated the cause.

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