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    Win 8.1 Lost Internet Connectivity

    I have a networking issue with Windows 8.1 that I hope someone can help me with.

    Up until Saturday morning all was fine. Then, after I ran JV16 Powertools on my desktop Dell 8700 (that is connected to the router via Ethernet), I lost my internet connectivity.

    The cable modem is fine, as is the router. Wi-Fi is working fine from other laptops and iPads in the house.
    Even when I go into safe mode on the Dell 8700, I have internet connectivity. But when I boot into windows normally, I donít have the internet access. I also donít have access to the NAS drive that is connected t the router (I can successfully access the NAS via Wi-Fi from other laptops). I can also successfully print to the network printer (via WiFi) that is connected to the router.

    I tried restoring from an earlier version of Windows. That didnít help. I tried diagnosing using Windows built in help. That didnít help. I think there must be some deep down setting that is preventing the PC from talking to the outside world. And, of course, I have checked the Ethernet cable to the router from the Dell.

    Please help. I donít know what to try next.



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    Doesn't JV16 make a backup file of what it changes?

    See if How do I fix network adapter problems? or How to reset TCP/IP by using the NetShell utility help.


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    Usually when you can get Internet connectivity in Safe but not in normal mode, it's usually a security program problem or another 3rd party program conflict.

    If you still don't get connectivity in a clean boot then I would look to your AV program or any paid for scanners, as they are the only type of programs that can reinstate themselves in a clean boot.

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