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    mbam attacked successfully ?

    mbam showed a warning saying not fully protected
    clicked on fix
    message repeated
    infinite loop

    went to main screen and turned on protect against malicious websites
    it got turned off immediately

    tried to run chameleon
    did not seem to do anything

    problem went away

    had not been anywhere that would seem unsafe
    so mysterious why this protection was off and could not be turned on

    any suggestions as to how/why ?

    i thought mbam protected itself against such things

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    Not enough information, but it doesn't sound like an attack.

    Chameleon just installs and runs MBAM on infected systems when MBAM is blocked by malware.

    What version of MBAM are you using?

    Have you run an MBAM scan?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    What other security software are you running at the same time MBAM runs?

    Did you check the Windows Event Logs for any errors related to MBAM?
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