We decided that it would be beneficial for our users to have the familiar Exit button at the bottom of the Navigation bar in Backstage.

This was easily accomplished in Word. I added the following to RibbonXML, and the Exit button appears as expected.

<button id="rbExit"
isDefinitive="true" />

(RibbonXOnACtion runs a macro with the value of Tag, i.e. RBExitWord.)

The Word macro is:

Sub RBExitWord()
    Application.Quit wdPromptToSaveChanges
End Sub
This functions as expected in Word. We use similar code for Excel. It functions as expected. PowerPoint, however, does not function as we would like. The Exit button appears in the Navigation bar as expected, but when the user clicks on Exit, a message displays that "The Macro cannot be found or has been disabled...."

I believe I see why. In PowerPoint, addins load/unload differently than in Word and Excel. The Exit button is visible, but as soon as it is clicked and the macro begins to run, the addin is unloaded... and then the macro is no longer available. Is this accurate? How, if it all, can I get the macro to run without PowerPoint telling us it can't be found. I've tried disabling all alerts, but that did not help.

Thank you for any suggestions.