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    Volume control in Notification Area has gone missing

    I have Vista running on a Dell Inspiron laptop. Up until about a month ago, I always had the little speaker icon in the Notification Area to control volume. This particular Dell also has function+hotkey volume control.

    Suddenly, my volume control icon is completely gone (not even showing when I check the "recently used" in Customize) and the function+hotkeys don't work either. The sound card is still working properly, I just can't control the volume unless I go into Sound from the Control Panel (or use the native volume control in YouTube or whatever).

    I thought perhaps it was some sort of Windows Update problem, so I made sure I was completely current on those-no change. Went back to a Restore Point when I think it was still working-no change. Ran a virus scan and Malwarebytes just it case it was that-no change. Googled for suggestions, nothing pertaining to Vista was found.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Go to Control Panel and click on Taskbar and Start Menu.

    Click on the Notification section.

    It's likely set to Hide.

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    Thanks, that works with Win8.1 also. Restored both the volume control and network connection icon, the latter more important with current connection problems

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