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    Getting rid of admin name from OEM installation

    Presumably the guy who installed XP on my new machine used his own name. When I first set up the account I changed the name to my own but I still see his name as user when I activate the console and "my" name in the Documents and Settings folder is actually his (the format is Firstname Secondname.NAME-number>).

    Can I change this name? It doesn't appear anywhere in the settings of my account.


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    Re: Getting rid of admin name from OEM installation

    To get rid of unwanted name, you must create a new administrator account and delete the old one.

    First of all, backup all documents from "My Documents" folder.

    1. From Start menu, choose Control Panel, then "Preferences and Maintenance", then "Administrative Tools", then "Computer Management".

    2. On the left pane. double-click "Local Users and Groups", and then "Users"

    3. From Action menu, choose New User.

    4. Fill the blanks on the next screen and check/uncheck checkboxes according to your preferences. Click Create button.

    5. After new account is created, on the right pane right-click it and from pop-up menu choose Properties. Click "Member of" tag. Click "Add" button.

    6. On "Select Groups" window, click "Administrators", then "Add" button. Click OK button. Click OK button on Properties window.

    7. At that point, it's better to check your new account. Close all windows and restart computer. After startup, logon to your new account. If everything is allright, repeat steps 1 and 2. Check Properties of your new account once again (Is it member of Administrators?) Close Properties window.

    8. Right-click unwanted account and from pop-up menu choose "Delete". Click OK.

    9. Now, if you want, you can delete your unwanted profile folder from your "Documents and Settings" folder on your hard drive. Remember, all documents will be gone, if you didn't backup them. Restore "My Documents" backup into your new "My Documents" folder.

    P.S.: If you want to get rid of unwanted name on what Windows was registered to, you must use Sysprep utility. For details, see Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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