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    Lost network adapter

    Whenever I must re-boot/restart my Lenovo FLEX Windows 8.1 laptop, the network is off. When I look at the Device Manager, I see that there is an error on the Intel Dual Band Wireless Adapter. I work around this problem by manually uninstalling the adapter, then let DM scan and find it again. Then, I see my router in the wireless network list, but when I click on it, I must manually enter the router's PAS2 security code again. This never happened with my Windows 7.1 Acer laptop - it always retained the security code after re-boot. Why does the adapter come up in a fault state, and why does Windows 8.1 fail to remember the security code?

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    Windows removes all details of the adapter when you delete the adapter, including connection information.

    Given it is a different PC you may find it's a driver issue that can be remedied by downloading a new one from the Lenovo site.

    cheers, Paul

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