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    List Box options (97)


    I have an access database and i have a query that allows the user to select criteria from a list box. I have set the multiselect option to on for the list box but when i execute the query with more than naem selected no output is generated??? Why won't it allow it to execite the same way? Do i need to add code to it as well?

    I would also like to add 2 radio buttons to each list box that select whether the names selected are and "AND / OR" search. SO its eaither search for entries contaion all the info selected and there should be an option to search for and fields with any of the names selected. What would that coding look like? if it is even possible.

    Last but not least, i need a check box that when selected would highlight all the entries in that particular list box? All help is greatly appreciated. I am fairly inexperienced with this so details are very helpful.

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    Re: List Box options (97)

    Well, your main problem is that multiselect listboxes can't be directly referenced in a query. You're going to have to build a string based on the selections and your radio buttons and then incorporate that into your query. This has been discussed fairly ofen in this forum, so I'd suggest you start by doing a Lounge Search on multiselect query.

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