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    Missing Menu Bar In Edge Browser

    Is it possible to add a menu bar to Edge, and if so how?
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    No. Edge is supposed to be minimalist echoing many of the design choices of Chrome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeP517 View Post
    No. Edge is supposed to be minimalist echoing many of the design choices of Chrome.

    Another screwed up browser designed by phablet kiddes. WTF? Just look (use Google if you like irony) at how many people (adults) have been bitching about Chrome, for how long, and how many have left Chrome over the lack of a standard UI menu bar. And now that geniuses at MS are going to follow suit? Lemmings. And I had such high hopes for Edge. Oh well, I lived w/o using a MS browser for more than 20 years. I can continue to do so for another 20 if need be. Just look at how many users, myself included, stepped off the Chrome carousel based on this one issue alone. And this is just the folks who read and post about it. Aside from a few people who think it is a good idea (who seem to be phablet types), no one is supporting this idiocy on Chrome. And so MS is going to follow them?

    If you don't want another albatross of a browser, MS, you need to pay attention here. The benefits of a ***standardized*** interface have been well established for DECADES now. Programs that each have their own unique set of commands/links/buttons to get a given task done, many of them completely different from one another, is just not efficient or well engineered. It is wasteful, will cost individuals and companies tens of thousands of dollars in lost time and mistakes, and will push users/consumers to look to your competitors, despite your including Edge with the OS. You were sure that by bundling IE with the OS, you could grab market share and dominate. You were wrong. You will be wrong about this too. It's only Win10+2 and I have only spoken to a dozen users or so, but they are all in agreement. None of them will be using Edge. All of them installed Firefox or some other browser, that gives them the familiar menu bar they use thousands of times a day. They, like me have been using it so often for so long, that it has become muscle memory. Tanking it away is like short sheeting someone, for mostly the same reasons at the core. Firefox has found a way to hide the menu bar, yet alow folks to easily display it if they want. Edge M<UST do the same or it simply will not make it.

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