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    Is IE Web Browser Excel's only default for web DATA query ?

    While I'm waiting for the official release of Win 10, ( it does not mean I'll be back-packing at the computer store to be first, I'd rather be last.), my web browser choice will remain the same, IE is not my default browser.

    But, Excel's web data query uses by default IE. ( version is 2010 Student pack)
    Can I change this to COMODO DRAGON web browser for DATA web query ?

    On the contrary, when Win 10 does get released and installed, my current version of Office 2010 may not recognize the new browser either in respect to web query's, so would I have to also update my Office Suite ?


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    The only choices I saw in Web options was for different versions of IE.
    This from Comodo:
    What's the difference between Comodo IceDragon and Comodo Dragon

    Comodo Dragon is based on the Chromium engine used by Google Chrome. IceDragon is based on Firefox.
    I have Win10TP on a Desktop and a Notebook, both still have IE available. However, I'm seeing mentions of Microsoft going to services or cloud-based so maybe Office 365 will be needed in the near future [just my guesstimate].

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