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    Virtualize my PC, upgrade it, then upgrade my PC?

    I now have only one PC, a Win 7 Home AIO with 16GB RAM. I have Win 10 (Build 10130) running in VirtualBox. There are bugs or "features not finished yet" in the Input Languages and Keyboard Layouts part of Control Panel that are crucial to my work. Can I virtualize my Win 7 installation, run it in VirtualBox, upgrade it to the Win 10 Technical Preview, and on July 29 let "Upgrade my PC" upgrade the virtual installation to the retail Win 10? This way I can test everything I use and everything I do in a normal day, and when confident the Input Languages and Keyboard Layouts features are working in Win 10 delete the VirtualBox installation and let my main installation upgrade?

    Will a virtualized Win 7 run, since the real Win 7 will be running at the same time? If I upgrade the virtualized Win 7 will some check system prevent me from later upgrading the real Win 7 (even after deleting the virtual one)?

    Alternatively, after the launch July 29 will the Win 10 Technical Preview I now have running in VirtualBox continue updating with the real stuff until the October date the Technical Preview is supposed to end? If so, that would allow me to watch for Microsoft to fix those features and my problem is solved without the need to virtualize my PC.


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    You should not run Win7 in a VM as it is the host OS on the machine. To run Win7 in a VM legally you'd need another Win7 license. According to Microsoft, if you are running the Win10 TP it will upgrade to the official release. You should not have to do anything. Whether or not that actually happens you'll have to wait and see.


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