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    Upcoming changes to Win10 IP

    A post Gabe Aul in the Windows blog contains important news - Upcoming changes to Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.


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    OK, Joe, I admit to being slow. By MSA, are you saying that I need to be logged in via my Microsoft account as opposed to my local account? And does tis include Hotmail logins?

    If so, will this start on July 29th, and then run...form how long? I won't have to run my Microsoft account always?

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    From Gabe Aul's post...

    If you don’t have your Microsoft Account (MSA) connected to your PC, starting in the next build you’ll start seeing notifications asking you to do so. You’ll need to connect the MSA that you registered for the Windows Insider Program with (and accepted the “Microsoft Windows Insider Program Agreement”) in order to continue receiving new Windows 10 Insider Preview builds (both Fast and Slow rings) from Windows Update.

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    Note that the comment above relates to Insider Preview builds, not to Release/Gold builds post July 29th.

    Gabe Aul goes on to state:
    This change is for the Windows Insider Program ONLY, and is specific to how we’re delivering the Insider Preview builds. Once available on July 29th, you do not need an MSA to upgrade Windows 10 on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PCs if they are not receiving Insider Preview builds. You will not be required to use an MSA on new PCs that come with Windows 10 preinstalled or clean installed from media. Some features in Windows 10 do require an MSA to use, such as downloading apps in the Windows Store.

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