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    Rough day at work!!

    I was hoping someone shed some light on some trouble I am having with a database. Today I was unable to compress our database. During any attempt to compress it would hang up when it was removing temporary objects.
    I wasn't able to fix it so I opened a fresh Access file and imported all the contents of the uncompressible database into the fresh database. This seemed to work great. Then an hour later it was brought to my attention that one of the forms was not opening. Further investigation showed that it didn't like a DoCmd.OpenForm that had not been a problem in the past. I attempted to open an old back up copy to make sure the code had not changed, file was unable to even get that far because the program said that Chr() was unrecognisable. Not only that but everyone who opened the data base on there computer had trouble with access recognising many different pre-made functions.

    We are using Access97 and Win NT with service pack 6.

    Sure would love an answer for this one.

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    Re: Rough day at work!!

    As always thanks for the good advice MarkJ!
    Whew, tomorrow may be a lot better. I hope it isn't deeper.
    Though I think you are right it was Chr$()that it stopped at.

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    Re: Rough day at work!!

    In addition to importing objects into a database, you'll have to manually restore any code references the old database used. You'll first need to get a look-see at the references used by the old database.

    Then open the new database, switch to the Modules tab, and open any module (doesn't matter which - just to get to the module editing menu/toolbar). You'll find the References list under the Tools menu. Just select the ones that were selected in the old database and unselect any that weren't. I always re-compile my projects when I move my objects around (Debug|Compile and Save All Modules).

    Just a note: It sounds funny that the CHR() function was not working - it's part of the VBA reference, which is referenced by default.(Hmmmm.....[img]/w3timages/icons/doh.gif[/img]) So, if the above suggestion doesn't solve the problem, it could be something deeper.


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    Re: Rough day at work!!

    It WORKED! Thanks again MarkJ!

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