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    Issues with Autodiscovery with Exchange 2010


    I have a big company which consists of 3 different entities. One entity was sold. Currently they still use our ActiveDirectory / Domain Services. They moved to office 365 and are not using our Exchange server anymore. They had a problem that the autodiscovery was pointing the mail settings to our exchange server. I removed there domain from accepted domains and also disabled there mailboxes. They were working fine. After a month they experienced the same problem. What could be the problem?

    I was suspecting that since they use our Domain controller we have a CNAME of autodiscover which points to our Exchange Server this is causing the problem.

    How can this be solved? Is there a way which it can be solved from the Server side?

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    As a separate entity do they have their own sub-domain? If so it's a simple DNS change.
    If they are on their own subnet you could give them a local DNS server that only has AD server entries.
    You could add a HOSTS entry on their PCs that points the autodiscovery at Office 365. This will take precedence over your DNS.

    cheers, Paul

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