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    Does Office 365 play well with iCloud?

    I have been using an iPhone and Office 2010 for a few years and for the most part they play well together. I add contacts to the computer and they appear on the I phone and vice versa. Same with calendar events, email, etc.

    My question is if I upgrade to Office 365 will I loose any of that functionality? I would hate to loose all my calendar and contact info!

    Anyone using 365 with an iPhone and automatically (i.e. it just happens, not I have to plug in a cord every night) syncing info between them? (I also have an iPad and naturally would like the info to be there as well.)

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    There has to be some sync software involved for that to work with Outlook in your current setup. If the sync software works with Outlook 2013 you should be fine. The Outlook desktop program provided with Office 365 is the same as the one supplied with Office Pro Plus.

    NOTE: I do NOT use an iPhone so I'm talking just from a theoretical viewpoint.


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