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    Can an iPhone 6 Plus be connected to a Desktop System running Windows Pro 8.1using Bluetooth?

    Can my iPhone 6 Plus be connected (via Bluetooth) to a Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition Desktop System running Windows Pro 8.1?
    That system under "Bluetooth" has the following:
    Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)
    Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
    Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

    When I first acquired this System in January 2015, I had the Dell AC 411 Speakers that had no problems pairing with the Desktop using Bluetooth.
    However, I returned those speakers because they kept turning themselves off even though I had no "Sleep" or "Hibernation" turned on.
    I replaced those speakers with generic non-Bluetooth speakers I had laying around.

    I do have my iPhone 6 Plus paired with my 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited & it works perfectly.
    My previous iPhone 4S was also paired with my Highlander & it also worked perfectly.

    My previous iPhone 4S was also successfully paired directly with Bluetooth speakers and other accessories.

    Is there something about an iPhone that makes it incompatible with the Microsoft Windows Pro 8.1?

    Does anyone know of any "workaround" that would allow me to do the pairing?

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    The issue might be with iOS8.3 rather than with the iphone 6 plus itself. Perhaps this will help (note, the following info is from two 2014 articles):

    Also see this:

    "How to Fix iPhone 6 Plus WiFi Problems

    iPhone 6 Plus WiFi problems include poor speeds, random disconnections and the inability to connect to certain routers. This is not unique to the iPhone 6 Plus, as small updates and iPhone releases deliver WiFi problems to the iPhone. A common problem we ran into is the inability to print to a Wireless printer. Rebooting the iPhone, router and printer fixed this for a while.

    WiFi problems are tougher to fix due to the variety of factors causing connectivity issues. Here are several steps you can try on your iPhone and at your home network to fix iPhone 6 Plus WiFi problems. Hopefully this will prevent the need to buy a new router.

    Before you try any of these make sure you install the iOS 8.1 update. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Download & Install. If you are already on iOS 8.1 you can see it listed here.

    Reset your router. Go to your router, unplug it and count to 45 then plug it back in. This can fix some problems easily. You can also try restarting the iPhone 6 Plus. If it only happens in specific areas of your house or office you may need to move the router.

    iOS 8.1 fixes some iPhone 6 plus WiFi problems."


    (The iOS is now up to version 8.3, so I do not know to what extent the wireless issues have been addressed since the above were posted on the relevant sites)

    Also, ensure you have the latest Windows Updates and drivers installed.
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