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    When app is opened, start screen disappears

    I am breaking in my wife's new HP Pavilion PC with Windows 8.1. I initially set it up to open the desktop by default. I changed it back to open the Start Screen , which it does. However, now, when I open any app or program from the Start Screen, it disappears, defaulting to the desktop. I can click on the Start Screen icon and reopen it, but that's irritating to have to do. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening?

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    Strangely, this appears to be controlled by the Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar option in Taskbar Properties.

    See Post 15 in this thread where a Senior Program Manager on the Windows team tries to justify their design decision: Update 1 - Cannot close Metro App and Stay in Metro UI

    I don't suffer from this as I use StartIsBack+ ($2.99), which has options for When I close modern app Switch to last used environment (or Start screen or Desktop).

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    Bruce, what the OP is saying is that he opens any app or program it disappears, so it's not just Modern apps but anything started from the start screen. What you're quoting is that closing a modern app,the display goes to the desktop (which is what happens on mine). So it's opening anything from the start screen which is the problem, not what is displayed when he closes them. (if I understand him correctly).

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    I believe the default behaviour is that, for a Win32 program, the OS automatically switches to the Desktop. You stay in the Metro/Modern world only if you run Modern apps.

    Therefore I have to ask the following. Is it possible that you are only interested in, and therefore running, desktop applications? This isn't implausible. The Modern apps that Windows 8 ships with are notoriously weak. The Weather app is decent but a lot of the other ones are terrible.

    An HP Pavilion, those include both desktop units and traditional laptops. Odds are there is no touch screen on that.

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