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    Encryption Type Error Receiving Verizon Email in Outlook 2010


    I am using Win7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit and Outlook 2010
    Last week I began getting Outlook error messages:
    "Receive reported error (0x800CCC1A) Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified.......)

    My first chat session with Verizon verified that all my setting are correct and finally they admitted that there was a server side issue that was being worked. Wait 24 hours for resolution. I did but the problem persisted.

    During my second chat session, they insisted that the problem was resolved and it was an Microsoft problem. I insisted on Level 2 support and got a supervisor that had me jump through hoops to delete and recreate the accounts in Outlook. ( 1 main, 1 sub-account) That appeared to correct the problem so I let them go. But it was only temporary. It persisted intermittently so thinking the problem was on my end I did the following:

    Deleted the sub-account on Verizon and created a new one.
    Added the new sub-account to Outlook.

    1) PST repair
    2) Deleted the Outlook profile and created a new one ( different profile name using the same PST)
    3) Add the accounts in the new profile.

    The error is still intermittent. Sometime it works fine. Other times it appears but only in one of the accounts. (Seems to cycle between the two accounts on each Send/Receive cycle). Some research I have done seems to possibly point to a Windows Update related to SSL 3.0 and the Poodle bug.The latest set of Updates on my system for both Windows and Office 2010 components were on June 10, 2015.

    Have any clues or fixes been been discovered ? I do not have the same issue with d/l's into Outlook from other email accounts. Only Verizon. Secondly, the emails are received without error onto my iPhone so it seems to point to to either a Windows Update issue or a Verizon email server side issue.


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    Also posted at on 06/26/2015.

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