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    Ken Kashmarek

    Question Windows 10 boot screen

    This is just an open question for anyone that might know or have some insight...

    After installing build 10162, I get the following boot screen:


    When this screen comes up, you click the mouse or hit a key, Win10 moves to the logon screen.

    My question:

    Is the above boot screen a real photograph or just an image created by Unreal Engine 4:

    It is an outstanding image, but is it a "real" photograph or an "Unreal Engine 4" created image?

    On build 10162, this image is found in c:\windows\web\screen as image100.jpg.

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    Drew, I got it afore you. Quite nice. This machine is now lively with 10162 but I wish that we do not get too many versions, this is time taking with three machines to feed.

    I send a feedback on IE as when you close it, it springs back to life, somebody else also had this to mention. All good wishes. Jean.
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