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    Word Directory Mailmerge - how can I use and increment a numeric variable in merge code?

    Hi, I have a Directory mail merge, ie. I have a spreadsheet of say 1000 records that gets printed on say 20 letters...each letter possessing a table with 50 records. I need to do something to manually split up my table at the 30th record within each letter so that it rolls to the 2nd page of the letter without issue. I initially thought I could use MERGESEQ, but this variable doesn't reset letter from letter so I can't use it directly. Can someone please help me understand how I can use QUOTE or SET or bookmarks or whatever to perhaps first set a variable = 1 at the start of the letter (when it recognizes a new key, different than the last record) and how to increment that variable by +1 for each subsequent record?



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    Without seeing what other field coding you're using, it's impossible to give specific advice. However, you will need to use a SET field to create a bookmark that can be used for a counter (e.g. {SET Counter = 0} or {SET Counter = 1}, depending on where you insert the field). Then, for each record, you'd increment the counter (e.g. {SET Counter = Counter +1}). Finally, to insert the page breaks, you'd use a field coded like {IF{=MOD(Counter,30) \# 0}= 0 {QUOTE 12}} or {=MOD(Counter,30) \# ";;'{QUOTE 12}'"} to generate the page break. If you're grouping the records, you'd also need a field coded like {SET Counter = 0} or {SET Counter = 1} to reset the counter whenever the group changes.

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