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    Windows 10 upgrades

    I have never been a great fan of Windows updates as it seems to me that the structure has become an inverted pyramid the bottom of which is the oldest and creakiest version.

    Take for example my laptop. This was purchased with Win 8. The upgrade to 8.1 wasted most of a working day as first it had to download and install all the Win 8 updates, then download and install the 8.1 updates. Then the dreaded win8.1 Update would not work. Acer would/could not supply me with an 8.1 recovery so I had to go right back to the beginning and reload 8 and so the saga continued. BTW I still havenít managed to download the dreaded KB2919355.

    Assuming I eventually get KB2919355 to download and work, I will then be offered the opportunity to upgrade yet again to Win 10.
    Bearing that I only have a Win 8 product key, if the worst comes to the worst and I have to reload the machine again, will I have to go through the whole procedure again?

    Iím also very unsure about the no choice automatic Win 10 updates. As Woody says ďIíve been posting MS-DEFCON warnings for seven (eight?) years, and I canít recall having two MS-DEFCON 5 months in a row. This is a first, and a great time to get caught up on all outstanding Microsoft patches.Ē Just how many machines are going to be mucked up when MS, inevitably, release more duff patches and how will they fixed.

    Windows 10 may yet be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but how many will be poisoned before they get it right?

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    Perhaps this article will help but if you continue to have problems then I would think you could get free help from MS (UK) on 0344 800 2400 as I'm sure they will want you to be able to take up Win 10.

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