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    Virtualbox 5.0 released today.

    Just finished updating Virtuabox and installing Guest additions for Ubuntu, Win7, and WinXP. What I can tell you is my VMs feel noticebly more spifier then when running VB4.x, especially my Win7 VM w/ Aero enabled. Time will tell what bugs may come, but they had at least 3 release candidates before releasing 5.0. Drag and drop was suppose to be enabled finally for Windows VMs but I just tried and still cannot do this yet (shares, of course, still work between guest and host via Explorer, but that's a pain). Still, happy all still works.


    I'm dumb. I forgot that I had disabled it since it didn't work in 4.x (or earlier versions). Works great now. lol

    Fantastic. Drag an drop's the bomb. Having issues going from guest to host, but I have other methods that will work with that. Host to guest works great.
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