I recently bought a Kodak Pulse Digital Picture Frame at an estate sale. I have been frustrated trying to set it up. I am hoping that someone out there might be able to help.

Kodak sold their digital frame business in 2012. I don't know who bought it. They no longer offer support but.. in order for it to work online the frame needs to connect with an account at www.kodakpulse.com. I set up a new account no problem. But then it needs to connect my account with the machine but... the machine is already registered in the name of the previous owner (who is now deceased).

The instructions ask me to enter a 6 digit "activation code" which is displayed when first setting up the device or a 12 digit code found on the box (long gone). Since there already is an account associated with this device, no activation code is ever displayed.

The extended instructions (found on the net as a PDF file) page 13 offers this advice:

Account information correct?
After you connect to your wireless network, a confirmation screen appears with your information.
■ If the information shown is correct, touch OK. Touch Play if pictures have already been added or, if not, follow the screen directions to add your own pictures.

■ If the information shown is not correct, touch Not Me twice. Touching Not Me again deletes all pictures on the digital frame, and the digital frame is removed from the current online account. You can then reactivate your
digital frame with your information. See Activating your frameówww.kodakpulse.com, page 7.

The problem is that the NOT ME icon never appears. I can not figure out how to remove the current account (owner now deceased) from this device and reactive it with my information.

I have searched for some way to "reset to factory settings" but can't find any button or way to do that.

To recap, I need to delete the current "account" tied to this digital frame and replace it with my account.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciate.

-- Gary