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    Is MalwareBytes still free?

    My wife's computer reported that her malwarebytes subscription expired. It is nearly impossible to continue using the free product unless we can find keys and passwords, which we cannot. Nor do I recall using a key or password when installing malwarebytes. Has their company policy changed? A paid subscription is $25 a year.

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    You have to be careful when installing the free version that you UN-Check the Pro Trial selection otherwise you get 30 day subscription to the trial version which will prompt you to pay after the 30 days is up. The main difference between Free & Premium (Pro) is On-Demand vs Active Monitoring.

    You can uninstall the currently installed version and then reinstall being careful to uncheck the option.
    You may need to run a program like CCleaner if that doesn't work to get rid of the keys in the registry that mark your install as an Expired Trial.

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    Click on Dashboard.
    Click on "End Free Trial" at the end of the Real Time Protection line.

    This should covert your Free Trial version to the Free version.


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    Hello nantucketbob:

    Fear not. Your issue is dealt with everyday on the Malwarebytes forum and helpdesk:

    I don't remember where I put, or I can not find, my numbers to make my MBAM into a Professional or Premium copy.
    If you are referring to your MBAM license ID and Key, they were sent to you via email and if you purchased an electronic copy and you must contact the seller to resend the email with the ID and Key.

    If you purchased a physically boxed product from a retail merchant, your MBAM license ID and Key were within the physical box and Malwarebytes can not replace those lost license ID and Keys.

    If still they are lost, but you purchased through the official Malwarebytes eCommerce partner cleverbridge, please proceed to:

    I've lost my license ID/Key, how can I get it again?

    To obtain your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license ID and Key, or to obtain a copy of your confirmation email, please contact our eCommerce partner, cleverbridge. The contact information is available at:

    You will be asked to provide the exact email address your original confirmation was sent.

    If you are unable to provide the above email address, you may contact a cleverbridge customer service represtative with the following:

    Please be sure to provide as much of the following information as you can to the customer service representative in order to retrieve your order information:
    1. Cleverbridge Reference Number[/*]
    2. Email address used[/*]
    3. Date of purchase[/*]
    4. Name used for purchase[/*]
    5. Address used (if applicable)[/*]
    6. Form of payment used[/*]
    If an electronic version was purchased through an independent on-line seller, you must pursue the email retransmission of the MBAM license ID and Key through that seller.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Yes, the free version is, still, free.

    Its the Trial for the Premium (Paid) version that has expired. The free version, still, exists. One either runs w/ the free version or pays a fee for the 'full' version.

    So it's merely a Trial, once expired just carry on... no need to do anything; just run your (free) Malwarebytes once in a while, no worries.

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