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    Exclamation Image backup -- MB crash = disaster!

    I had a 6 or 7 year old tower computer running Windows 7 Professional with a large power supply and a weird (to me) system of CPU cooling using a couple of hoses aimed at the socket. I used my PC for office work, plus sound and photo/video editing - production. Over the years, I added 3 extra SATA hard drives to the original IDE based drive, including 2 SSHDs. I used a purchased copy of Paragon (2011) to backup images of the computer and thought everything was OK.

    About 5 weeks ago, the CPU had a meltdown. The system would start bootup but faded to black in about 10 seconds. After a failed attempt to repair the cooling system, I began looking for a new computer. I was used to sites where I could specify case, power supply, motherboard, drives, etc. to build one to my specs. but apparently there are about all gone! I finally ordered an HO Envy machine and tried to restore my files using my images and Paragon 2011 from an external HD.

    The first time, I tried restore the entire image. Well, the files were there, but the HD configuration wasn't! It seemed to be writing, but I had one drive, not four. After rebooting, I got a black screen saying "cannot find the hard drive". When I clicked on the option to restore the OS (from the HP second partition), I found that that was also gone! So I ordered a new drive from HP. Again I tried to restore, but this time just a couple of files. Paragon did this, but at the same time overwrote the HDs MBR! I was able to get the OS back this time. The final attempt was just to use Paragon to browse the image backups without writing anything. Again, Paragon destroyed the boot section of the new hard disc! What use is a backup system that totals the new hard drive when attempting to restore images? I was finally able to save my data by using a USB to SATA/IDE adapter from C2G in Dayton OH. (It permits you to use "internal" drives like an external USB drive.) Two weeks or work, having to completely re-install all my software (the ones where I could find the original CD ROMS for). Thanks to C2G I got my data back.

    I will never use Paragon again, and I will never make an image backup again, since if the HW changes from the original, those images are useless! Just a friendly warning to those in a similar situation out there.


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    Images are made primarily to restore to the same or similar hardware. There are some programs, like Macrium Reflect, that allow restoration to different hardware with varying levels of success. You have to remember that an Image is equivalent to a Xerox of you hard drive. It has all the drivers for the current hardware, if you try to restore to different hardware the restoration software has to be smart enough to go look for the drivers for the new hardware and replace the old ones. I've successfully accomplished this with Macrium Reflect but I've also had failures. That said I was always able to recover all of my data files which is what is really important. I've never known an Image that was for multiple drives usually they are only for a single drive or even a single partition of a drive. As many here will tell you Test your Images ability to restore. It isn't easy but it is necessary! HTH
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