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    Lightbulb Line Wrap in Slide Footer: Using Sizing Handles to Control Text Flow

    The third article returned by my Google search for "line break in ppt footer" was "Word wrap in footer," a closed thread, at Since I cannot re-open that thread to add a discovery that I just made, I created this new thread to share it with the group. For the benefit of the next person in need of a solution to the same problem, it would be fabulous if that thread had a pointer to this one; perhaps a moderator can make it so.

    I am working with the 32 bit edition of PowerPoint 2010, Service Pack 2, running atop the 64 bit edition of Microsoft Windows 7, Service Pack 1. Other editions may yield different outcomes, although I suspect this feature behaves identically in all editions of PowerPoint, since sizing handles have been a standard feature since at least PowerPoint 97.

    In the thread cited above, Ian seemed unhappy with his solution, which I interpreted as a workaround. Just as I was about to set the issue aside and start the next task, a light bulb switched on in my head, and I found a very simple, too obvious, solution. The lower edge of the slide master contains three text boxes, at the far left, dead center, and the far right. My focus was on the box in the center, as was Ian's, I suspect. The contents of my center box are as follows: 2015 David A. Gray, MBA. All rights reserved. When I copied this text from the title slide, it wrapped between the words "all" and "rights," which looked unprofessional.

    The inspirational light bulb cast its bright light on the sizing handle at the right edge of the text box. I wondered what would happen if I dragged it to the left a tad. Watching the text as I dragged the selection handle about 1/2 centimeter, I was delighted that the text re-flowed, wrapping exactly where I wanted. Tapping the F5 key to start a slide show, I noted with complete satisfaction that the change had the desired effect on the way the copyright notice displayed on all but the title slide, from which it was intentionally omitted.
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