There is a new issue of the PowerPoint ezine at <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>. It is published by the Microsoft MVP, Geetesh Bajaj. He has some lures to buy PowerPoint products, but mostly useful information. This issue has articles on using Scalable Vector Graphics, a PowerPoint Add-in Compatibility List, and Frequently Asked Support Questions, including:
<UL><LI>White Text Disappears
<LI>Transparent Hyperlinks
<LI>Flash and Director Stuff
<LI>PowerPoint And Autorun
<LI>Title Master Grayed
<LI>Printing Backgrounds
<LI>Path Perils
<LI>Hide Slide Show Controller
<LI>Save As HTML Disabled
<LI>Make An Intermission Slide
<LI>Printing Without Backgrounds[/list]