In another thread, I was talking about possibly getting a tablet like the Surface Pro 3 to use as laptop/desktop replacement. At home, it's a simple matter to connect it to a hub with a normal wired keyboard and mouse. But there will be occasions where I do need to take it someplace and need a keyboard that can travel.

Of course, there is the Microsoft Type Cover but there are three things that bug me about that. First off, as keyboards go, it's expensive. Second, it's OK to type on but it's not something I would want to use for an extended period. Lastly, portable doesn't have to mean something exceedingly thin that's the same size and shape as the tablet.

This is where it starts to get tough because this is not where the market has gone. There appears to be a huge gulf between regular keyboards where good feel and response is king and the portable keyboards where small barely responsive cramped keys are acceptable as long as the keyboard is small - and preferably acts as a cover as well.

I had the chance to use a Logitech Tablet Keyboard ( and it wasn't bad. It was a bit cramped and it just seems like I could find something better. My home keyboard is a KUL without the numeric keypad which measures about 14"x5", which is the same as the typing area of most keyboards and about 2" wider than some of the BT keyboards I've seen.

What would be nice to find is a comfortable portable BT keyboard with responsive keys. There are some out there, but I can't just keep ordering keyboards until I find one I like. Any suggestions?