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Thread: Word Macro help

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    Word Macro help

    I am working on putting together a manual in word for our new payroll procedures. There are three different levels of access. I would like to do one document (easier to keep and update if necessary) but when the file opens, prompts the user to select or indicate their access level. Once entered, the document would only show the sections of text tied to that particular access level. Thank you

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    You don't need a macro for this! A non-macro approach that would work is to use a dropdown formfield, with the 'calculate on exit' property checked, in a document with 'filling in forms' protection. When a user chooses a viewing level and tabs out of the formfield, the 'calculate on exit' event could be used to trigger a series of IF fields to evaluate its state and toggle between displaying or hiding their content, which can include tables & pictures, as well as text. See attached demo.
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