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    Help me convince to share template among everyone

    I need some ammunition. I use a Word template to keep some of our documents consistent. The template contains standard styles along with some VBA to help facilitate the layout. Right now, only a handful of people have the template on their computers. They are allowed to make changes to the documents. The people who review the documents do not have the template. I do not agree with that decision, since the template does not contain weird code that would ruin documents, but that's the decision that's been made years ago.

    Now the reviewers are starting to modify the documents. This causes some interesting conflicts for the people who have the template. They find style conflicts and documents attached to Normal. I want to ask my manager for permission to distribute the template to the reviewers as well. I would then hold learning sessions to teach them about how the template should be used to maintain our standards.

    What I want from the crowd are reasons that everyone should use the same template. I am going to write down my own arguments and take into consideration anything posted here. I'll be on vacation for about a week, so please don't take my silence as abandonment. I look forward to seeing examples when I return. And links to articles about templates are good too. I intend to Google my way into convincing the manager as well.
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    Templates in Microsoft Word
    Even if your reviewers have the template, that does not mean it will attach to documents.
    What happens when I send my document to someone else?
    If this is a ribbon version of Word, you could restrict editing to certain styles in the document. Regardless, make sure that Styles in your template are not set to automatically update from the template.

    Without macros, templates can contain very useful:
    • QAT modifications
    • AutoText/Building Blocks
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Styles
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