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    Forums for Reason

    Forums for Reason is a new forum just started July 1, 2015. It is a place for:

    1. Intellectual honesty
    2. Ability to laugh at oneself
    3. Expertise based on experience and/or training
    4. Post puberty development
    5. A disinclination to dominate others by virtue of force or power.
    6. A curiosity about the unknown
    7. A self-respect that does not approach narcissism
    8. A realization that there are people who do not respond to anything but superior force; as many as 5-15% of all at best, as many as 50% in chaotic countries
    9. Written expressive skills above average even in developed countries
    10. An inclination to initiate and risk expressing ideas
    11. An indifference to being “politically correct” if that obscures reality as apprehended
    12. A realization that world-wide communities bridged by the internet can change that world, for better or not.
    13. A lack of incentive to gain financially.

    They're looking for:

    1. Intelligent, well-informed participants;
    2. Interesting and relevant topics;
    3. Some level of controversy;
    4. Passionate proponents of opposing views;
    5. Civility and respect.

    They want to:

    1. Be easy to find
    2. Be welcoming to newcomers
    3. Have a variety of topics
    4. Be interesting to frequent posters
    5. Have posters of all kinds, encouraged to talk about stuff that interests them while remaining courteous in the face of differing opinions/positions.

    Check it out.
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    I'll pass. I would not fit in there. I am too honest!
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    I will keep an eye on it , but they are off to a slow start.

    Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.

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