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    Windows Live Mail In Windows 10

    After upgrading my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit disk to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit I have been unable to open any emails in Windows Live Mail. All my email folders and messages are present, but whenever I try to read an email I am told "a problem occurred. Please try again", but trying again makes no difference.

    I used the repair option in Programs and Features, and was told the repair was successful, but it wasn't because the problem persists. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling Windows Essentials, but that made no difference either.

    URGENT advice as to how to solve this problem would be appreciated. (I asked this question on the Microsoft Community Forum, but have not received any reply).

    Thanks and regards, Roy
    OS Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit & Windows 7 Pro With SP1 64 bit. (Intel Core i7 7700 Kaby Lake Processor -Asus B150 Pro (LGA1151) Motherboard-GTX550 Ti DirectCU Graphics Card-Memory 16 GB DDR4)

    Roy Whitethread

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    Have you checked the Event Logs?


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