My company has recently acquired another and among their assets were four, still in the box, refurbished HP Business InkJet Model 2800 - C8174A wide format printers.
After reading the posts here and elsewhere it seems that these are XP printers, which lose their wide format capability when working with Windows 7 - and I assume 8.1 and 10, too.
We have plenty of 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 printers, so the value to us would be to use the wide format features of the 2800.

I have located and downloaded the drivers that show up in The Windows Update Driver set, which are the 2800 PCL 5 and the 2800 PS.
The PCL 5 seems to be the driver that several posters noted will only print 8.5 x 11 when operating with Windows 7. The 2800 PS wasn't mentioned in any of the previous threads, although a "2500 PS" driver was stated to work just fine. Unfortunately, My windows update set of drivers does not include a 2500 PS. I guess that may have been a typo in the thread.

Here's my real question, posed before we spend the money to buy the cartridges and set these printers up. Can anyone say - for certain - that they will work with full functionality when directly connected via USB to Windows 7 or later Windows operating systems using the latest Windows Update Drivers (the 2800 PCL 5 and the 2800 PS). If not, is there a simple, uncomplicated patch or fix?

Thank you,