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    Windows 10 Is Downloading! (Not Really)

    I have an 8.1 system. I have the Windows 10 icon on my taskbar. When I click on the Icon, I get a window that says "Windows 10 Is downloading!" with the additional message "Windows 10 is downloading in the background. We'll let you know when you can start the upgrade." Only, no download is in progress - I can check the Task Manager and see that there is no network activity at all. Letting the system sit for an hour or two doesn't change anything.

    There is a button to "View Download Progress". If I click that, I get the Windows Update window, and the download starts. (My install fails, but that is another story.) I have Windows Update set to automatically download and install updates (just for this update - normally I have this turned off).

    Is this message, and this behavior normal? Have others seen this? I wasn't in any of the beta programs and wasn't expecting to see the update for quite a while, but there it is.

    Have others seen this behavior?


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    I'm on win 7 pro and I got no notification BUT it must have been downloading in the background because I just happened to check windows updates this morning and it said windows 10 is ready to install.

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