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    Shimmer or flag waving or ripple effect when scrolling or moving windows

    I recently did a clean install of Win XP Pro after my previous hard drive blew up..........nightmare continues with the tweaking.

    I had this problem long ago and forgot what the fix was >>

    When I MOVE a window on the desktop, there is a shimmer or flag waving or ripple effect which is very throwing a pebble into a pond and seeing the ripples.

    I have the computer set up for SMOOTH SCROLLING and compared the settings with another computer running XP and everything seems to match, but this flag waving persists.


    I have an ACER AL1916W monitor installed.......I went to the ACER site and there is NO listing for a driver.......I did find some third party sites with hopefully the correct driver - at least that is what is listed.......the screen is stretched from side to side and the PM on the clock is slightly OFF the edge of the it looks like a monitor driver issue since it is listed as GENERIC PLUG AND PLAY......other views of the monitor screen are not up to par either.

    Hopefully someone is still on this forum and can answer with a solution.......I've posted elsewhere and gotten solutions that did not work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well if the suggested solution was proper graphics driver, that's almost certainly what it is, there's a generic one in there now and it works, but just. Not the driver for the monitor, the driver for the graphics subsystem that connects from the computer to the monitor. You could try Slimdrivers Free (use the link underneath the one to, see if it can identify the correct driver for the video, it works most of the time but take advantage of the system restore point option before it installs just in case.

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    Monitor drivers attached (downloaded from the Acer site).

    What graphics chipset/card is on this PC?
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