Hi all

I have very easy, no-pain installation of windows 10. And I am amazed how quick it was.

I knew that I will loose Win7 games I like most, but I am baffled when I try to run these from "Windows.old" directory. Running these EXE files does nothing, no error message NOTHING.

Can somebody tell me what is it? technically? (I am curious)

AND yes, I adored the icons of running applications on taskbar in windows 7 and 8, now these become flat and non-apealing

Also, Win+Tab now is used for multi-desktop, instead of that beautiful 3-D task switcher.

Somehow, I feel that overall desktop seems more flat.

Anyhow, let us see what is in Win10 for us. Currently I have the feeling that it is child of Win7 and Win8.