Upgraded my W7 Home Premium system from a nearly fresh install with few issues. However, a couple persist.

1) The touchpad can't load a driver. It's seen as a PS/2 generic mouse. Any attempt to load a driver from Synaptics, Asus W7 or other results in a no device found. Obviously, a new driver could fix this bug has anyone else run into this? Others have had various issues but they're all working to some degree.

2) The built-in SD card reader isn't found and the W7 driver won't load.

I'm also trying to find a decent replacement for W7 widgets. Don't need much but CPU, network and disk are all useful for me. I've tried the two desktop gadget installers which seem to be the same basic code. It works for a while and then freezes. I suspect it's caused when I switch desktops using VirtuaWin but haven't nailed it down yet. A workaround using Task Manager opened to the Performance tab is OK but...

Suggestions are appreciated.