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    Printer icon Standard toolbar 'hangs' Outlook (Office XP Pro)

    Windows XP Pro, Office XP Pro, Outlook:
    In Outlook message, moving mouse across Standard toolbar (positioning mouse, not selecting any menu items), icons highlight themselves as mouse crosses them. Printer icon, however, stops mouse and hourglass appears. Outlook hangs and does not respond, though mouse is freed and other applications can be controlled.
    Control returns after about 20 seconds or so.
    Problem is repeatable.
    One workaround: delete printer icon from Standard toolbar and no more hangs. No loss of function for me, as I can use Ctrl+P to print to default printer, or File menu item.

    Default printer is network printer attached to PC running Windows 98 with XP network sharing installed.
    Printer works fine, prints OK through networked PC.

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    Re: Printer icon Standard toolbar 'hangs' Outlook (Office XP Pro)

    <A target="_blank" HREF=;EN-GB;q291632&GSSNB=1>OL2002: Outlook Pauses When You Move the Mouse Over the Print Button (Q291632)</A>

    Outlook appears to stop responding (hangs), and then start when you move the mouse cursor over the Print button on the toolbar.

    Outlook has paused to read information from the registry for the default printer so it can report information about the printer in the ToolTip text.

    A permanent resolution for this behavior is to disable ToolTips for buttons. To do this:
    1] On the View menu, point to Toolbars , and then click Customize .
    2] On the Options tab, click to clear the Show ScreenTips on Toolbars check box.
    3] Click Close .

    By turning off ToolTips, Outlook will not appear to hang or slow down when you hold the mouse over the Printer icon on the toolbar.

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