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    Windows 2008 FTP server setup question

    I've set up an FTP server on a 2008 server, and I was wanting to use the Isolated Users feature. I had no problem setting it up and getting it to work the way they've documented it, but my question is this...

    I've set up a series of folders under LocalUser for vendors to drop their artwork for our marketing people. When they log in using their FTP client, they are automatically put into their perspective folders. They can't navigate from those folders, or see any other vendors folder. That's what we want. But I don't see a way of creating a manager account that can see and navigate to any other folder so the marketing people can retrieve the artwork. The way I see it, they would have to log in using each vendors credentials to get into the folder and download any files. This server is sitting in a DMZ with no access from our production network, the only access being from an FTP client. Am I missing something about how to set up an account that would be able to access all of the vendors folders?

    Thanks in advance.

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    As it's in the DMZ with only FTP access you will need to make the server do the work internally.
    Create and schedule a job that copies the artwork from the individual folders to the folder your people can access. I would use Robocopy to do the copy as it only copies updates, it can move instead of copy if you want, then the clients have some idea that their artwork has been accepted.
    If you need any help give us an idea of the folder structure and we'll advise.

    cheers, Paul

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