My HP Printer worked ok with Win 10 although to use the full suite of software I had to reinstall some software that was already on my computer.
This article has a lot of links and statements from most Printer company's regarding Win 10 drivers and software. Maybe it will help some that run into printer problems with Win 10.

Before you jump at Microsoft's offer of a free Windows 10 upgrade, you should make sure that your printer is compatible. If need be, contact the manufacturer directly. Typically, with a major Windows upgrade, some older printers will not be supported under the new version. If that is the case with yours, you will have to forego upgrading your PC or replace your printer with a more current model. Fortunately, the vast majority of users won't be confronted with such a choice.
Many printer manufacturers have provided us with information on Windows 10 compatibility, which we have excerpted below. In other cases, we have included relevant information from manufacturers' support and driver download pages. We intend to update this article should additional information become available.,2817...eaking+News%29