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    Fast or not, that is the question !

    I have here in the boonies, two machines, one desktop, HP, and one lappy, Toshiba, that both got the automatic update to Win-10 Pro and they both run very nicely, thankyou. That includes two old, very old printers, a Lexmark Z32 and a Canon 4300.
    One strange occurrence ! The laptop is still set at "Fast" for updates, the desktop is set to nothing, there is not even a selectable "Fast <-> Slow" to click on. It shows nothing on that screen. I did, methinks, select to be kept in the insider scheme when doing the install. Is there a spot where I can see this and reset it to "Fast" again ?
    All best wishes. Jean.

    Edit : Solved. I had to go another level into that page and set it to "Fast". Simple when one sets his mind to solve a small problem, user caused !
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