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    Time limit on 8 to 8.1 on recovery

    A few months ago there were difficult-to-resolve problems on my wife's laptop, running 8.1. Frustration led me to abandon this, and install Ubuntu as a temporary measure. In due course, we will wish to reinstall Windows, and upgrade to 10.
    My worry is this: I made a note way back that there was a time-limit of 13th November 2015 for upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1. So what happens if I revert to Windows (which will be 8.0, as that is what we have the discs for) after that date? My assumption is that since Microsoft knows all about us, there will be an automatic upgrade to 8.1, following which we will be able to upgrade to 10. Is that correct?
    This leads to another question: what happens when there is a hard drive failure, say? Does the same thing happen, and will that be the case indefinitely, or will users be able to download an ISO of 10?

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    You will able to download an ISO and upgrade from 8.0 to 10 within the next 11 months. 8.1 is only necessary to use the Windows Update automatic installation after reservation.

    The only requirements for the free Windows 10 Upgrade are that your device is compatible, and you’re running genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1

    Must be running the latest version of Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 Update) to receive the free upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update

    Windows 10 FAQ & Tips - Microsoft: What are the qualifications for the free upgrade?

    Once upgraded to Windows 10 and activated, you will be able to reinstall at any time on the same computer registered by hardware ID.

    However, you're right about support for Windows 8.0 ending in three months, so if it were me I would do it before then to make sure.
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