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    Win10 mouse button swap not working

    Hi, last week I installed Win10 Pro (64-bit) on my (spare) Dell Latitude E4310 laptop. The PC was running Win7 Pro (32-bit) so I had to first upgrade to the 32-bit Win10, burn a DVD with the 64-bit ISO, and then reinstall the OS from scratch. That all went without a hitch. Of course I then had to install various drivers.

    Dell does not explicitly support Win10 on the E4310 (they didn't test the hardware) so I had to use the Win7 64-bit drivers which generally installed without any issues. The only weirdness is that, although the touchpad driver installed without any errors, and seems to work fine, the one thing I cannot do is swap the mouse buttons (I am left-handed). I noticed that this was true even before I installed the touchpad driver -- i.e., with the generic MS mouse driver that comes with the install, the buttons did not swap. They SAY that they are swapped -- everything LOOKS correct -- but the left button is still the primary button (for right-handed use).

    This is not crippling by any means -- I'm fairly ambidextrous when it comes to mouse and touchpad use -- but it seems odd to me. I haven't been able to find any reports of other Win10 users experiencing this issue. Is it just me, and if so, are there any easy solutions I could try? I don't particularly want to rebuild the PC again, especially since the issue started with the first OS install.

    (The buttons swapped normally when the PC was running Win7, and there is no external mouse attached.)

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Bruce Probst
    Melbourne, Australia

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15R that came with Win8.1 which I Upgraded to Win10. I see the same issue as you with the Touchpad buttons appearing to accept the change but not doing it. I normally use a Bluetooth mouse and it swapped the buttons just fine. It probably would also work with a Wireless mouse [USB nano receiver].

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