Here's the cure if ur Patch Watch ever disappears when u click on the Newsletter Button from my Post of 8/11. For whatever ever reason that possesed me I decided to click on the " About US" button and scrolled down reading about the people there as I had never been on this page. When I got to the bottom the buttons to click on where there. Again for whatever reason I just clicked on " Newsletter" at the bottom of the page it took me to the top of the page and low and behold " Patch Watch" was there to click on and low and behold Susan Bradleys 8/12 Patch Watch was there. So, I copied it like I always do. When I got down I figured ok, lets close out Windows Newsletter and start over. So, I opened the Newsletter again and low and behold now I clicked on Newsletter at the top and " Patch Watch" came up. Computers u have to be kidding me. I can't believe it.

drdoo2/ Pat