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    Win update icon and notification missing when there are updates waiting

    There were 34 updates waiting for download on one of my WIN7 machines and 31 on the other, and the windows update notification in taskbar properties was set for "Show icon and notifications." But there was no update icon/notification in the taskbar on either machine. And when I posted this on EXPERTS EXCHANGE, another user weighed in with the same problem. All machines has been set to show the icon and notify. Something is preventing the detection of the updates from being triggered? Or to put it another way, why do three machines have more than two dozens updates waiting and no icon notification whatsoever? Could the answer have to do with the several previous updates that were preparing WIN7/8 for WIB10? Again, this in on THREE WIN7 systems. Clearly there is something going on. Also checked the arrow pop-up (down) box. No update icon was there either.

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    Gee, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one this has happened to. Take a look at the thread I started further down called "Windows Update Icon gone". I think it was the result of one of the July Windows Updates. You should still be able to get to Windows Updates via the Control Panel. I first noticed the small icon and yellow banner gone about 4 or 5 days ago.

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