I wanted to get this out there just in case someone is experiencing the same issue I was having with my laptop after upgrading to Windows 10.

After the upgrade I was using my laptop a few days later and noticed that if I let my laptop plugged in but unintended it would go into hibernation which was nothing unusual. What was unusual was that once the laptop was brought out of hibernation it was go back into hibernation every 3 minutes. I checked the power options and mine was set at the option that was recommended by HP but there was nothing that jumped out at me that was telling me why it would re-hibernate every 3 minutes if you were not constantly typing and/or moving the mouse. Anyway, I decided to create my own custom option and thought I did a great job until the same behavior exhibited with the HP recommended option. I searched and searched the internet to no avail trying to figure out why this behavior was occurring but found nothing.

This afternoon, however I thought I would give one of the other pre-installed options (i.e. High Performance) a try and low and behold, this configuration works better for me. Note that I have not tested this out on batteries only but when plugged in my laptop no longer goes into hibernation mode at all. The screen goes blank like it's sleeping but now when I move the mouse the screen pops right back to the state it was left in when I last move the mouse or touched the keyboard. I'm going to look at the settings a bit closer but if someone is getting frustrated that their PC was hibernating too frequently this option may work better for them.